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Peace of mind in times of stress

Today I had a phone call from a long-term client. He rang to say that his wife was going into hospital for a hysterectomy due to a tumor and suspected cancer of ovaries. It goes without saying my client is concerned about the immediate health of his wife but the nature of the trauma got both partners thinking about their future and he made inquires about preparing their wills.

As I use an online will service I was able to take instructions over the phone. I’ve organised a conference call for this week. The fact that my client will be interstate at the time is no problem as all he needs is access to a computer and we can go through the draft will online.

The final wills will be prepared and signed in 7 days.  All wills are of the testamentary type for effective asset protection. Joint tenancy will also be severed so that their properties will be held as tenants in common for even more effective asset protection.

My client is very relieved. He has enough stress with the health of his wife to worry about without the unnecessary bother of legal and protection issues surrounding their assets.


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